Video - LaBad Photography

Capturing your vision on video

Telling your stories

Reaching your audiences

Making a difference

Who are we?

We are a one stop shop for media creation. Our team takes an idea for a commercial, branded video, or film and transforms it into vivid reality. We offer a full array of digital video production service including script writing, story boarding, filming, broadcasting, location services, editing, original music, mixing, color correction, motion graphics and much more. We provide high values, prompt reliable service and stunning creative production your audience will remember.

Services Offered

• Script writing                     • Color correction

• Story boarding                  • Motion graphics

• Filming                               • Music video

• Broadcasting                     • Voice Overs

• Location services             • Video Upscaling

• Editing                                • Live Shows

• Original music                  • Documentary

• Audio mixing                     • Commercials

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